Top 9 Designed Mobile Apps in the Store Right Now

What makes a great app is not only its functionality and performance but also its design. People love apps that are not only responsive and usable but also have great user interface design. If your app can’t catch people’s attention and use the way it looks to help users navigate through the app seamlessly, you’re missing an integral part of a successful app. While we know that the major apps like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc. all have great design, here are a few you should check out on the App Store.

Color Therapy Coloring Number

What makes this mobile-version of an adult coloring book so amazing in comparison to any of the other ones you can find in the App Store is the quality of its HD images. The app also features calming music and sound FX, as well as being able to play your own music while you color. There’s over 2,000 uniquely designed coloring pages with gorgeous designs that you can choose from and has a color palette library with over 2,000 solid and gradient colors to decorate the pages. You can select different line colors, special finishing effects, and frames for your art, and everything is easily accessible through their beautifully designed, user-friendly app.

Kitchen Stories

For any food lovers out there you need to use Kitchen Stories, the Editor’s Choice and Apple Design Award winner app for recipes. All recipes include prep and baking times, ingredients, utensils, pictures, and instructions. You can tab through different categories on the app and view plenty of gorgeous culinary images, videos, and GIFs. You can also add to the app automatically generated shopping lists, collect and save your favorite recipes, and use the built-in measurement converter.


Automatically track your walks, runs, and bike rides in minutes, not steps, with Human – a Health & Fitness app designed with you in mind. It aims to take the least required amount of effort from you and tracks your movement for you. The app is optimized to use the least amount of power as possible and encourages healthy competition as you can compare your activity levels to other people near you and rank on the levels most relevant to you.


Hands down the best music app with the largest library and best-designed interface is Spotify. The developers make use of rich color gradients and easy navigation to create a beautiful app that not only provides you with all your favorite music but also looks good.


For anyone interested in dipping their foot into E-commerce, Letgo is an excellent app for buying and selling items locally. It’s better than using Craigslist and can find just as many items. Unlike some other apps of its kind, Letgo does away with clunky shapes and instead uses cards and simple shapes, and features minimalist icons and easy navigation. Their chat feature is also amazing and allows for easy communication between buyers and sellers.

Marco Polo – Video Chat

Looking for an alternative to FaceTime? With Marco Polo, you get something even better than the Apple-integrated video chat app. On Marco Polo, you can send video messages to groups or individual users, which they can watch in real-time or later in the day. They’ve also incorporated AR into the app, and you can use filters and entertainment functions to your video with their AR camera, making for an engaging user experience.


For an outstanding productivity app, you need to download Trello. The app is one of the smoothest and simplest, yet gives you control over how you want each board you create to look with easy navigation.

Alto’s Odyssey

Probably some of the best-designed apps in general on the App Store are gaming apps. Alto’s Odyssey, in particular, is one of the most beautifully designed mobile games out there, with magnificent graphics and super polished gameplay.


For those who love to travel, Hopper is an app you should definitely check out. It makes finding flights easier, tells you when the best time to buy flights is, and provides hyper-personalized travel tips and deals. You can customize your bunny (the app’s mascot) when onboarding and the calendar dates are color coded with by flight price for choosing when to travel.

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