Casual Dating App Takes Market By Storm

Have you ever sat in bed, hopelessly scrolling through potential matches? OK, well have you ever found one? The odds say yes, but the success rate says no.

This is all because you’ve been using the wrong dating app this whole time. Don’t worry though; I’ll show you the way to success – and lots of it.

Waste of Time?

Wasting your time with other apps besides this one is pretty normal for anyone who hasn’t figured out exactly which dating app gets you the most success with the hot ladies browsing these dating apps.

When you browse through Tinder, it’s obvious why people end up spending all day on there. Not only are most of the profiles complete garbage, but the messaging can be… slow.

After you browse over like a hundred girls with only three in mind, those potential matches are only that; potential. Not to mention most of the girls on Tinder think they’re better than everyone else because they get to pick and choose from the fish flopping around in front of them (you).

With an app called FuckPal you can be the deciding factor. It’s leaps and bounds better than Tinder because of a few incredible features and one special function that changed the dating app game forever (in my opinion).

Since most of the time-wasting on Tinder comes from the horrible messaging feature, Fuckpal has completely revamped it to be the best messaging function in the world of dating apps.

Enter FuckPal: Sending message after message to different girls on Tinder can be annoying and a huge waste of time if you’re getting caught up on the classic ‘tinder-girl.’ By using Fuckpal instead, you gain access to so much more – not to mention it’s totally free!

OK let me break it down for you; Tinder is exactly the same as Bumble aside from some very unique features. The best of those features is designed with the men in mind.

When you match with some girl on the app, which has the same matching features that Tinder does but with you doing even LESS work than you were doing before. The way it works is by allowing you to view all of your matches but only lets your matches message you first.

That’s right fellas, no more risky first messages or shitty replies from uninterested girls looking for approval on the internet. Just hot chicks who are 100% willing to make the first move on you. Like, all you actually have to do is browse hot girls from picture to picture and decide which ones you would pound all night long. Easy right?

Well, it gets even easier. Now all you do is wait around for those very same hot girls to message you. Easy as pie.

The Difference: So why is this better? Well, first of all, it cuts the time you would normally spend on finding a real interested girl in half. The girls that send you messages on this site are looking and ready to fuck you, unlike a lot of Tinder girls.

This means that you actually have the ability to fuck multiple girls at a time. With no relationship requirements and little to no work is done on your side, landing multiple girls at once has never been this easy since you can spend all your downtime browsing your potential matches. All fuckin’ day you can do this, and all fuckin’ day you’ll be getting results.

With FuckPal it is just one one-night-stand after the next. These girls really can’t get enough dick from strangers on a dating app, just like you can’t resist them either. The best part about all of this is the way it makes it easier for the ladies too! Sure, making the first move and saying “hi” can be tough for some girls, but when she shows interest like that, it’s so much easier to connect.

This feature also allows girls to avoid weird dudes who they know or don’t want to chat with. By eliminating all the pestering messages for feet pics, Bumble has really changed the dating app game forever.

The casual sex renaissance is here folks, and we just are soaking it up.

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