• November 30, 2020


J2ME/BASIC is an easy to learn mobile phone programming language that allows you to create your own mobile phone applications through the convenience of the Internet.

Installation of your J2ME/BASIC applications onto your mobile phone couldn’t be simpler, and you can choose from SMS Short Code (Where Available), WAP Installation Page, or even a traditional manual install using Infrared, Bluetooth or a Data Cable.

If you would like to try J2ME/BASIC then you can either register for your own FREE account or take a look through the Example Programs in the Read Only Guest Account.


  • Write programs in BASIC for your Java Enabled Mobile Phone.
  • Install programs using phones WAP browser direct from this website
  • Install programs using datacable / Infrared or Bluetooth connection
  • Produces Fast Java Byte Code suitable for Mobile Phones
  • Boolean, Integer, Long, Float, Double, and String Data Types.
  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays.
  • Graphic Facilities
  • Sprite Graphics
  • Upload your PNG Images
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • String Handling Functions

Mobile BASIC is a Mobile Phone MIDlet that allows you to easily develop programs directly on Java enabled Mobile Phones.

The Mobile BASIC MIDlet can be used to write Business Applications, Personal Productivity Programs, Programs for Hobbies and Special Interest or simply use it as a powerful programmable calculator.

The language supports many convenient features including Colour Graphics (on Colour Phones), Sprite Graphics with collision detection, Mathematical functions including Logarithm and Trigonometry, Random Access Files, and a range of Forms. The language also supports several datatypes including Integer, Float and String.

The Mobile BASIC MIDlet can also be programmed to send and received data from Internet Services. Imagine the possibilities for Sales Force Automation – You can obtain customer details, order parts and raise invoices directly from your Mobile Phone. Say goodbye to your expensive cumbersome laptops!

To install the Mobile BASIC MIDlet simply visit http://wap.mobilebasic.com/ using your mobile phones WAP browser.

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