5 Tools to Help You Build Mobile Apps Fast

Anybody who knows anything about building mobile apps knows how infuriating it can be to create your product from scratch. Even with source code at your disposal, it’s going to be quite the feat.

That’s why in 2019 there are dozens of useful tools to be used by amateur and experienced app designers alike. Let’s break down the top 5 on this list – shall we?


Appcelerator is an open-sourced framework building tool that emphasis on cross-platform app development. It’ll help you get your bearings on the hardest steps in the mobile app building process – the start. Building the framework on your desired app is made simple with this tool thanks to its cross-platform capabilities.

It’s basically a catch-all for mobile app creation, which means that it runs on Android, IOS, Universal Windows Platform, and even Windows phone. You’ll be able to use Appcelerator (Titanium) to make apps for just about any OS on the planet, so it should save you some of that dreaded cross-platform tinkering.

The only downside to Appcelerator would have to be its slight bug problem, but if you take into consideration it’s reach and effectiveness across platforms then it’s worth the bugs. Just don’t try and contact the support team about any other them – they’re known for not being very responsive.


PhoneGap is a must-have for anybody who’s even remotely familiar with web design. It’s an open-source tool that takes all of your favorite features that are intertwined within (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) web design like a debugger, compiler, and other useful testing tools that will make finding problems with your app much easier.

It includes an instant message system and a screen recorder that makes team-based app design a whole lot simpler. Anybody who’s worked on a team-build before knows how annoying it can be to use an external messenger to communicate with your team while you already have multiple programs running on your system.

This tool also has architecture capable of accepting plugins, making utilization of the capabilities of the device much easier (with API’s). Overall, I’d say it’s an absolute necessity for app creation from start to finish.

Adobe Build

Android SDK, Windows Phone SDK, iOS SDK are all native software development kits that Adobe Build renders useless. Adobe Build is perfect for any web developer that doesn’t want to take the time and learn five different native systems in one day.

Adobe Build is an easy-to-use cross-platform cloud-based tool that works alongside with Cordova and PhoneGap to compile your code and make your job much easier. All you really need to make use of this tool is a conventional understanding of languages like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. And while Adobe Build might help you reach your deadlines faster, it sacrifices a little power to do it.

That’s because there’s just no beating a native program at its own game – especially when your tool is cloud-based and running a screen recorder alongside an instant message system. Running API’s with Javascript that isn’t multi-threaded can give you some difficulty along the way, so watch out for that too.

If you have multiple apps that you’re working on, Adobe Build can make your organization tasks as well as your project management as a whole to be a lot easier. Just be wary of that pesky speed loss when using it – I mean it’s not like you’re using a native language like Swift or something.