5 Mistakes People Make Building Their First Mobile App

When you’re building a mobile app, it’s important to consider the mistakes you can make!

The biggest mistake that people make when starting to develop an app is not to consider all the factors involved. A lot of people get an idea and run with it when they should spend sufficient time making a game plan.

Instead of making rookie mistakes like most first-time app-makers, read on to discover some things you may not have thought of initially!

Here are some of the biggest mistakes developers and idea-men make with their first app:

Underestimating the cost

Making an app takes time, careful thought, and money. While you may think that making an app is as simple as writing up some code and sending it off to get approved by the app store, there is much more involved in the process than that!

You’re going to need to design the flow of the app, write the code, test the app, and continue to improve. All of these things take time, people, and money!

You’re going to need a team to make this app happen, so make sure you have enough cash to do this. You don’t want to run out of money halfway through developing your app.

Getting too complicated

When it comes to apps, users want something simple. One of the first mistakes people make with their first app is they make things way too complicated.

You need to make sure that your flowchart makes sense and isn’t too complicated. Additionally, you need to make sure you’re not adding too many unnecessary features and confusing the user.

Streamline your design and make sure you’re focusing on the singular purpose of your app while planning out features.

Not doing enough testing

Getting all the bugs out is extremely important when launching an app. You must make sure that your app has gone through sufficient testing before it hits the app store. Plus, you’ll need to make sure that you sufficiently test every update you make!

The last thing you want is your users getting frustrated with your app because it’s too buggy!

Take the time (and spend the money) to make sure your app goes through enough testing.

Launching too many platforms at once

When designing an app, you want to make sure you design for one single platform at first, such as for iOS or Windows. You don’t want to launch on too many platforms at once at risk of not having tested your versions enough.

Your app must be sufficiently optimized for all of these platforms, and if you’re trying to launch across multiple platforms at once, you’ll find yourself splitting your attention and spreading it too thin.

I recommend picking one platform and perfecting your app for that platform before moving on to other platforms.

Not developing a marketing plan

Now that you have your idea for your app have you thought about how you’re going to get the word out? While you’re developing your app, you should also launch a marketing campaign.

You cannot launch your app and expect it to get any downloads if you haven’t properly spread the word! Make sure to consider how you’re going to market your app to your intended audience while you develop your app.