3 Best Online Courses to Learn How to Build an App

3.)  Training for Android Developers 

Google: This brand new training video module is designed by Google and it works to help developers learn the development skills of the Android app from scratch. All the way from creating the easiest and basic app to developing apps with content sharing, multimedia, cloud connectivity, user info, and location. Once you’re done with all of the basics, you can also have the option of developing apps for wearables, auto, TV, and work. The objective of this training is to understand the very basics of Android App Development and more. Two prerequisites you will have to take in the course are Access to Android SDK and Understanding of basic programming

2.) Developing Android Apps

Udacity is a course that blends the basics of android application development into theory and practice. You’ll take on a variation of projects in this course to fully take in and understand all of the principles applied, all of the tools and patterns that exist on the interior side of Android development. By the end of this class, you will then know how to create a cloud-connected android app that contains rich and responsive platforms and utilizes content providers and loaders to persist and retrieve data.  The objective of all of this is to help the student understand the greatest and hippest kinds of mobile development in particular and Android app development in general. Some prerequisites that must be taken include a minimum of 1 year of experience in programming with Java or any other object-oriented programming language, are to get more acquainted with writing code on GitHub and students are given access to Android Studio to follow along with the instructors during the entirety of the course. In place of the first-ever course in the Android Developer Nanodegree, Building Android Apps is the base of this program’s intelligent Android curriculum. The course mixes theory and practice in a way to help you develop some amazing apps the right way. In this course, you’ll be working with instructors that will provide step by step instructions to help you build a cloud-connected Android app, and you will learn the best well-known practices of mobile development, and Android development in general.

1.) Developing Apps for iOS

This full-length official iOS development course is taught by Paul Hegarty. The course introduces you to the iOS development and assists you with getting acquainted with the tools and APIs needed in order to build the perfect iPhone applications. The course also touches upon user interactions by utilizing multi-touch technologies, core animation, mobile device power management, bonjour networking and power considerations.The course is known to boost users’ motivation in thriving in the app business. It is proven to be one of the most successful classes in the app world. The objective of the course happens to be to learn about the basic function of the iPhone and iPad creation along with the newest iOS features such as iCloud, wireless syncing and streamlined notifications.

Watch the video below to know what mistakes you should avoid while learning Java and Android development!

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