Fuck Pal App Takes Market By Storm

Have you ever sat in bed, hopelessly scrolling through potential matches? OK, well have you ever found one? The odds say yes, but the success rate says no.

This is all because you’ve been using the wrong dating app this whole time. Don’t worry though; I’ll show you the way to success – and lots of it.

Waste of Time?

Wasting your time with other apps besides this one is pretty normal for anyone who hasn’t figured out exactly which dating app gets you the most success with the hot ladies browsing these dating apps.

When you browse through Tinder, it’s obvious why people end up spending all day on there. Not only are most of the profiles complete garbage, but the messaging can be… slow.

After you browse over like a hundred girls with only three in mind, those potential matches are only that; potential. Not to mention most of the girls on Tinder think they’re better than everyone else because they get to pick and choose from the fish flopping around in front of them (you).

With an app called FuckPal you can be the deciding factor. It’s leaps and bounds better than Tinder because of a few incredible features and one special function that changed the dating app game forever (in my opinion).

Since most of the time-wasting on Tinder comes from the horrible messaging feature, Fuckpal has completely revamped it to be the best messaging function in the world of dating apps.

Enter FuckPal: Sending message after message to different girls on Tinder can be annoying and a huge waste of time if you’re getting caught up on the classic ‘tinder-girl.’ By using Fuckpal instead, you gain access to so much more – not to mention it’s totally free!

OK let me break it down for you; Tinder is exactly the same as Bumble aside from some very unique features. The best of those features is designed with the men in mind.

When you match with some girl on the app, which has the same matching features that Tinder does but with you doing even LESS work than you were doing before. The way it works is by allowing you to view all of your matches but only lets your matches message you first.

That’s right fellas, no more risky first messages or shitty replies from uninterested girls looking for approval on the internet. Just hot chicks who are 100% willing to make the first move on you. Like, all you actually have to do is browse hot girls from picture to picture and decide which ones you would pound all night long. Easy right?

Well, it gets even easier. Now all you do is wait around for those very same hot girls to message you. Easy as pie.

The Difference: So why is this better? Well, first of all, it cuts the time you would normally spend on finding a real interested girl in half. The girls that send you messages on this site are looking and ready to fuck you, unlike a lot of Tinder girls.

This means that you actually have the ability to fuck multiple girls at a time. With no relationship requirements and little to no work is done on your side, landing multiple girls at once has never been this easy since you can spend all your downtime browsing your potential matches. All fuckin’ day you can do this, and all fuckin’ day you’ll be getting results.

With FuckPal it is just one one-night-stand after the next. These girls really can’t get enough dick from strangers on a dating app, just like you can’t resist them either. The best part about all of this is the way it makes it easier for the ladies too! Sure, making the first move and saying “hi” can be tough for some girls, but when she shows interest like that, it’s so much easier to connect.

This feature also allows girls to avoid weird dudes who they know or don’t want to chat with. By eliminating all the pestering messages for feet pics, Bumble has really changed the dating app game forever.

The casual sex renaissance is here folks, and we just are soaking it up.

Best Apps to Find a Hookup on Mobile


In the year 2018, there’s a brand new wave of people using their phones to find a fuckbuddy. Back in the old days, you actually had to approach women and get to know them… Yikes.

Today, all you have to do is create a profile and start swiping. Within hours you’ll find yourself virtually drowning in ‘matches’ and it makes you feel amazing. These matches all have the potential to give you the sweet gift of pussy. However, if you’re using the wrong app, things can be less than exciting.

To ensure that you have the smoothest ride possible through this ‘strange safari,’ you’re going to want to check out these fuckbuddy apps. Here we go.

  1. Tinder

    Dude, of course Tinder is #1 on this list. It has literally connected millions of people around the world, and it still is. I have to admit – during my college career, Tinder scored me at least nine girls during my freshman year alone.

    It’s no understatement to say that this app is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best dating app available right now. The math here is simple; the more people using the app, the more people hookup, the more people hook up, the more people use the app. Make sense?

    This means Tinder is the most popular dating (hookup) app because so many people have accounts. This is something a lot of other dating apps have picked up on, which is bad news. Countless dating apps all over the world are now flooding their apps with fake profiles in an effort to get people to use the app.

    As much as that sucks, it actually makes Tinder that much better than the rest – since Tinder doesn’t put any bots on their app. I mean, every once in a while you’ll see a fake profile, but those are just people trying to scam or blackmail you. Tinder gets rid of them pretty quickly, but you still have to keep an eye out.

    If you’ve never downloaded Tinder before, nows your chance. Even if you aren’t interested in a hookup with a stranger, you can still use it as a means of self-confidence.

    When you see all your matches, it fills you with a feeling of accomplishment and pride; knowing you’re hot enough for someone. It’s like a high that never goes down. Plus you might even get laid, who knows?

  2. Bumble

    Coming in hot at 2nd place, is Bumble. Bumble is a dating app that came shortly after Tinder’s rise in popularity. It stands out by restricting some of its features. Sounds weird right?

    It might seem like a dumb idea, but the guys who thought this up were genius’. Its matching system resembles Tinders’ in more than a few ways. In fact, it’s almost exactly like Tinder besides some differences in design/functionality.

    The one major change that made this app popular enough to be bought by Tinder is in the chat feature. Men cannot send the girl any messages – not until she send one first that is.

    By restricting the men from sending the first message (a common practice in modern dating), the woman is forced to be the first to show interest. Sounds exciting right?

    When the girl makes the first move, it shows a unique element of pursuance that men almost never see in women. It’s something that has changed the way millennials interact in general.

    More and more, I’ve been noticing girls on Tinder sending me messages first, and it’s a hoot. You have much better odds at actually hooking up with these girls as well. If you’re looking for a local fuckbuddy, this is the app for you.

  3. Hinge

    Hinge has been climbing through the ranks lately in the dating app world. Quickly becoming one of the top three dating apps in the world, Hinge connects people using something other than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

    Through the power of Facebook, hinge looks through your friendslist to find someone who’s compatible with you. If you ask me, this is the best way to find a local fuckbuddy in your hometown.

    Maybe that girl you went to elementary school with blossomed into a sexy redheaded bag-girl at the grocery store and you want to hit her up. Well, if you’re both on Hinge – there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be the one ‘bagging it up’ if you know what I mean.

    Seriously, Hinge has connected me with at least three girls that I went to school with, and I couldn’t be happier with their product.

    For all the guys who want to find a local fuckbuddy, but don’t want to go up and talk to her when she’s on her shift at the grocery store, all you have to do is download Hinge. It’ll give you that unmistakable feeling of sexual tension just like you felt in middle-school. Check out Hinge right here.

  4. Coffee Meets Bagel

    Alright, here’s on just for the ladies. Coffee Meets Bagel is an incredibly popular dating app, built with the women in mind.

    Coffee Meets Bagel, for men, can be a great experience. Even though you’re in the dark the whole time, it can still be an easy way to find a local hookup within a moments notice. You could easily find yourself a fuckbuddy here as well, so go check it out you horn-dogs.

    This dating app gives more power to the women by letting them view every profile that ‘liked’ them that day. That means these ladies get to check out a long list of men who’d be down to pound them like a drum on Christmas.

    By giving girls the ability to check out their options, it gives them a sense of power that they usually can’t get when they use most other dating apps. The men, however, only get 21 ‘likes’ to give out for the day – which kind of sucks. It makes it, so the guys pay a little more attention to who they’re liking.

    Coffee Meets Bagel is a lot of fun for both parties, but it’s even more fun when you’re a girl. Either way – this app has a lot of potentials when it comes to fuckbuddies, so you should go give it a look. You might like what you see.

  5. FuckPal

    FuckPal is a… smaller company. Built upon various different niches, JustDate is a haven for people all over the US who are looking for someone who they can fuck.

    While the previous apps have been more centered around ‘love’ and ‘companionship,’ this one is more focused on the horny ‘pussy crazy’ animal that is trapped within us all.

    On FuckPal, there’s no pussy-footing around. Something that bothers me more than anything on modern dating apps is the whole attitude radiated from some of their members.

    Take Tinder for example; some of the girls on there want to fuck and only fuck, some are looking for a husband or a boyfriend they can take home to mom. The lines are so blurry sometimes that you just need to visit a place that welcomes your filthy side.

    If you check out the site, you can see all the different ‘dating’ niches that are available for you. It’s a little overwhelming, but it’s legit.

5 Snapchat Tricks You Need To Know

If you’re a newbie to the Snapchat world, it can be a difficult app to figure out. Instead of an easy-to-read menu screen, most of the app’s features are hidden behind swipes and screen taps, which make for a confusing experience. Even to experienced snappers, it can still provide a decent amount of frustration.

Also, the tech guys behind Snapchat have become known for slipping in updates to their app which go undetected until someone pulls apart the code. This means that might be features inside Snapchat right now that we don’t know about!

Regardless, here are five Snapchat tricks that we do know about.

Change the emojis next to your friends’ names

On your contacts list, you might notice there’s a few emojis next to everyone’s name. These emojis indicate your levels of interaction with each friend, although they can be pretty hard to decipher sometimes.

But if you want to change these emojis to something else, tap the icon in the top left corner of the screen (which should be a ghost providing you haven’t altered it). Then press the tiny wheel (for settings) in the top right, then scroll down until you see “Manage”. Hit that, and then “Friend Emojis” to personalize your contacts screen.

Use the hidden colour palette

Whenever you take a snap, you’re greeted with an edit screen which you can draw on your picture with. On the right hand side there’s a rainbow slider which you can use to choose your text color, but there’s actually a bunch of other colors hidden just out of sight.

If you hold your finger over the rainbow slider and then slide right down to the bottom of the screen, you’ll be able to use a bunch of colors which aren’t immediately available.

Use two filters at once

If puppy ears alone just aren’t enough for you anymore, try using two filters instead of one. First of all, you need to swipe right to left to bring up the filter screen. Then once your first filter is applied, hold your finger down on the screen and swipe left to right to bring up a second screen.

Take a video without holding down the record button

If you’re on an Apple device, you’re in luck. This nifty feature lets you hold your phone steady while a video records without having to keep your finger on the button. Perfect for anyone using an oversized iPhone 8!

First of all, hit the Settings wheel then go into General > Accessibility. Hit “Interaction” and then turn on the feature which says “AssistiveTouch”. This will make a small icon appear on the side of your screen.

Tap the icon, then a new page will open. On this page, hold your finger on the screen and wait until the blue bar at the bottom of the screen fully loads. Then tap “Stop” and save the file.

Open SnapChat, then before you begin recording, tap the icon. Select “Custom”, which then bring up a small circle on the screen. All you need to do now is tap the capture button and viola – auto record!

Make your videos play faster, slower or backwards

In the filter screen, you might come across three mysterious little white icons with no explanation of what they do. Well, they’re used for slowing down, speeding up or reversing your videos.

If you click on the snail icon, this will make your video play in slow motion. If you click the rabbit, your content will play twice as fast. If you choose the three backwards arrow, this will play your video in reverse. Simple when you know the tricks.

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3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Site

Gaining a fan base and loyal subscribers is the hardest part of affiliate marketing since you’re starting from the bottom. Unless you’ve already made a name for yourself, the majority of people have to create a persona and multiple social media profiles to gain attention and traffic to a company to make a profit.

Creating profiles and promoting is the easy part, the difficulty is when it comes to having a large enough audience that are viewing these profiles with all your hard working content displayed on them. Don’t let all of your creativity and dedication go to waste just because you’re failing to use the right techniques to drive traffic to your site.

1. Install Plugins:

It’s important to take all of the precautionary steps to prevent theft since it is likely that people will try to get paid for your words. There are also many different plugins with top notch features that will differentiate your site from others. Having the upper hand on competitors by installing different things to have on your site will ensure a more complex and impressive place for consumers to want to experience.

There are so many different websites, and affiliate marketing approach out there, it’s important to stand out by taking risks and applying as many impressive features available.

2. Connect Blogs To Profiles:

When blogs are being written on WordPress or any other site, it’s important for it to be linked with all of the social media accounts once submitted. Social media platforms are where all of the followers and audiences will be, so it’s important to keep them updated immediately whenever you have decided to write something new about a product or service.

Having a blog made for your audience is a smart way for you to connect with your audience and gain more traffic to your social media accounts. There should be constant updates so have profiles linked together so the information can be consistent and precise upon posting is crucial to gaining a loyal fan base.

There are also various automatic features already within the social media platforms that will help you post throughout the day without your physical doing.

3. Interact With Followers:

The majority of the time when people affiliate market it’s based on spreading a purchase page link to a product or service to gain traffic. Well, that could be beneficial to some but building a relationship with your clientele and letting them feel like they know you are a plus. Whether you decide to post videos so the audience can feel like they’re talking to you in person or respond to messages accordingly, it’s important to respond and react.

Letting your audience know that you’ve tried the product and service with live reviews or constant communication will give your site a different edge. Don’t let your audience think you’re only in it for the money, instead make it about them and the urge to purchase whatever it is you’re marketing on your site.

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3 Best Online Courses to Learn How to Build an App

3.)  Training for Android Developers 

Google: This brand new training video module is designed by Google and it works to help developers learn the development skills of the Android app from scratch. All the way from creating the easiest and basic app to developing apps with content sharing, multimedia, cloud connectivity, user info, and location. Once you’re done with all of the basics, you can also have the option of developing apps for wearables, auto, TV, and work. The objective of this training is to understand the very basics of Android App Development and more. Two prerequisites you will have to take in the course are Access to Android SDK and Understanding of basic programming

2.) Developing Android Apps

Udacity is a course that blends the basics of android application development into theory and practice. You’ll take on a variation of projects in this course to fully take in and understand all of the principles applied, all of the tools and patterns that exist on the interior side of Android development. By the end of this class, you will then know how to create a cloud-connected android app that contains rich and responsive platforms and utilizes content providers and loaders to persist and retrieve data.  The objective of all of this is to help the student understand the greatest and hippest kinds of mobile development in particular and Android app development in general. Some prerequisites that must be taken include a minimum of 1 year of experience in programming with Java or any other object-oriented programming language, are to get more acquainted with writing code on GitHub and students are given access to Android Studio to follow along with the instructors during the entirety of the course. In place of the first-ever course in the Android Developer Nanodegree, Building Android Apps is the base of this program’s intelligent Android curriculum. The course mixes theory and practice in a way to help you develop some amazing apps the right way. In this course, you’ll be working with instructors that will provide step by step instructions to help you build a cloud-connected Android app, and you will learn the best well-known practices of mobile development, and Android development in general.

1.) Developing Apps for iOS

This full-length official iOS development course is taught by Paul Hegarty. The course introduces you to the iOS development and assists you with getting acquainted with the tools and APIs needed in order to build the perfect iPhone applications. The course also touches upon user interactions by utilizing multi-touch technologies, core animation, mobile device power management, bonjour networking and power considerations.The course is known to boost users’ motivation in thriving in the app business. It is proven to be one of the most successful classes in the app world. The objective of the course happens to be to learn about the basic function of the iPhone and iPad creation along with the newest iOS features such as iCloud, wireless syncing and streamlined notifications.

Watch the video below to know what mistakes you should avoid while learning Java and Android development!

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