5 Snapchat Tricks You Need To Know

If you’re a newbie to the Snapchat world, it can be a difficult app to figure out. Instead of an easy-to-read menu screen, most of the app’s features are hidden behind swipes and screen taps, which make for a confusing experience. Even to experienced snappers, it can still provide a decent amount of frustration. Also, […]

3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Site

Gaining a fan base and loyal subscribers is the hardest part of affiliate marketing since you’re starting from the bottom. Unless you’ve already made a name for yourself, the majority of people have to create a persona and multiple social media profiles to gain attention and traffic to a company to make a profit. Creating […]

3 Best Online Courses to Learn How to Build an App

3.)  Training for Android Developers  Google: This brand new training video module is designed by Google and it works to help developers learn the development skills of the Android app from scratch. All the way from creating the easiest and basic app to developing apps with content sharing, multimedia, cloud connectivity, user info, and location. […]

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