TECHNOMISER SOFTWARE specialises in producing high quality Mobile Phone Applications for Android, iOS (iPhone, iTouch and iPad) and J2ME devices. We are one of the longest standing independent software developers based in the North West of England, and have been producing mobile phone applications for the last 13 years, having published our first mobile phone application back in 2002 for J2ME devices.

We have helped thousands of people develop mobile phone applications through the use of our Mobile BASIC application which was first released 11 years ago on J2ME devices. Through our experience in developing, maintaining and supporting this software we have an established track record and are able to design and create mobile phone applications that are unique to your business.

Mobile BASIC for Android

Mobile BASIC is an end user BASIC Interpreter that runs directly on your Android Device. Mobile BASIC is the ideal tool for rapidly creating your own programs that you need to support your professional, work or educational life. Mobile BASIC is supplied with a extensive list of example programs illustrating all aspects of this powerful mobile programming environment.

Mobile BASIC

Droidsheet for Android

Droidsheet is a spreadsheet application that has been especially written for Android Devices. The spreadsheet has the usual facilities for inserting and deleting rows, columns and cells together with a range of cell formatting options. What stands Droidsheet away from the rest of the Android Spreadsheets is the inclusion of a Macro Programming Facilities.


Technomiser Notes for Android

Technomiser Notes is a notepad application which supports some basic rich text facilities. The app has a toolbar that allows you to change Text Forground and Background Color, remove formatting and Zoom In and Out. Notes are automatically ordered so that the most recently edited note is at the top. Notes are deleted by simply doing a long click on the note from the note list view

Technomiser Notes

Technomiser Video for Android

Technomiser Video is an easy to use video manager and player. Using Technomiser Video you can play, organise, copy, rename, duplicate, and delete your video files. Technomiser Video makes it easy to copy your video files from your device onto your external sdcard.

Technomiser Video

Technomiser Tasks for Android

Technomiser Tasks is a task / todo application which supports some basic rich text facilities. The app has a toolbar that allows you to change Text Foreground and Background Color, remove formatting and Zoom In and Out. Tasks are automatically ordered so that the most recently edited task is at the top.

Technomiser Tasks

OBDII Commander for Android

OBDII Commander is an Application that is used to communicate with Bluetooth ELM327 devices attached to the OBDII connector on your car. The application allows you to retrieve many parameters from your car that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to see. The exact parameters available does depend on your car but on many cars you will be able to see Coolant Temperature, Fuel System Status, Engine Load, Fuel Pressure, Engine RPM, Vehicle Speed, MAF Air Flow, Throttle Position etc.


ProCalc for Android

ProCalc is a powerful programmable scientific calculator written for Android devices that incorporates a highly capable BASIC interpreter. ProCalc has six programmable keys (P1-P6) each of which can be loaded with a BASIC program of your choice. This flexibility means that you can extend the calculator with your own BASIC programs so that it can per form your own calculations all at the touch of a button.


File Manager for Android

This File Manager allows you to manipulate files on your Android device and associated memory card. The file manager supports operations on either individual files or multiple files. The file manager supports both single and multi-file operations including:- Copying Files, Cutting / Moving Files, Pasting Files, Deleting Files, Duplicating Files, Renaming Files and Opening Files. The file manager also supports a range of folder / directory operations including:- Folder / Directory Navigation, Creating New Folders, Cutting / Moving Folders, Pasting Folders, Deleting Folders and Renaming Folders.

File Manager

Technomiser Edit for Android

Technomiser Edit is a text editor that allows you to view and edit text files on your Android Device. Technomiser Edit initial user interface is a file manager that allows you to select the file you want to edit or view as well as a variety of file operations.

Technomiser Edit